Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Story about EMO

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Story again..

There a girl who was been left by her boyfriends just for few weeks..the reason her boyfriend gave to her is he had to go to overseas to work..the last time they talked was 3days ago..she truely miss her boyfriend and worried about him..then after 2days..her boyfriend went back to his hometown without telling her girlfriend..its because to suprise her girlfriend..actually he gone overseas to bought things..because he wanted to marry his girlfriend..a few hours her boyfriend arrived at her house..he saw his girlfriend sat down watching the fish swam in the pond..he tick toe and gve her girlfriend

He purposed his lovely girlfriend to be his wife..and with a smile her girlfriend agree..they were married and live happily forever

The next daythey decided to go to some place where they used to go before they become a couple..talking until this boy said that he truely into her..but that girl thought its just a joke..so the guy just keep quite

Time to say goodbyethe last day,they were out a whole day b4 they back to be just FRIENDS..then at 11 pm..the guy brought that girl to the place under the tree where they started to become sweet couple


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