Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Extremes Hair Trends 2010

In 2009 women's hair trends will play to the extremes. They might be extremely short, extremely girly, extremely sexual or extremely slick. It'll only be the bob hair cut which will sit somewhere to the left of extreme; and you're going to be hard pressed to find that hair style on fashion forward women.So in 2009, fashion forward girls have a choice to make: keep the bobs and blend into the crowd or, to stand out, cut their hair shorter or let it grow.Girls who cut the bob in 2008 and want a fashion forward look in 2009, are going to have to either let their hair grow out or go something more extreme. Enter the cropped bob and the pixie crop; both perfect for Spring/Summer 2009, but far more difficult to wear for Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2008/2009.To put it bluntly: the cropped bob is extreme. It's not quite a pixie crop or a bob. Short all over, even with a heavily shortened blunt cut fringe, it's can only be worn by those who ooze confidence


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