Sunday, October 31, 2010

Styling Short Hair With Comb

When a lady wants to look stunning for a special occasion, she is often willing to spend hours waiting for a beautician to create a special look. You can master a hair stylists' quick tips of comb placement to create an elegant hairstyle for that special event. Follow the steps to use combs and style like a pro.
Instructions :1 Select a very small comb. Push it into the hair on the side of the head to catch all the little short hairs. 
2 Leave your bangs down. Know that the small comb is a good solution if you are growing your bangs out. 
3 Use two combs if you are getting married, if you are in bridal party or if you are attending other special occasions. 
4 Push combs gently into the hair on the side of the head. Try to not get little short hairs. 
5 Turn to the other side and gently push the comb in. Pull your hair back and make sure it is smooth. Hold the hair in place. Push the comb in for a dressy look. 
6 Give your short hair style more lift on the sides. Select combs. Pull the hair back and up. Place a comb against the area where you want it and push the comb into the hair.
7 Turn attention to the other side of the head. Lift your hair up slightly above the hair on the other side. Pull hair back while keeping it flat. Put the comb against the area where you want it placed and push it in.
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