Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spring Hair Cuts: Cropped Bob and The 2010

In 2009, the hair trends are all about the extremes. When it comes to The Bob Hairstyle, it’s the real “play-it-safe” hair-doo for 2009. It’s the only hair cut that isn’t extreme in any one direction and it’s leftover from 2008 so you have a high risk of blending in with the crowd with a bob this spring.

However, there are ways around this. If you want to keep your short hair, mix it up a bit by doing a cropped bob or a Pixie Cut. Both are low maintenance hairstyles that are totally and more interesting than a standard bob cut.

Another way to mix it up a bit is to have your stylist cut a few fringe style bangs for you. Play with texturizing spraysicon and waxes for added dimension.

Textured Crop: To achieve this easy-going hairstyle, ask your stylist for choppy layers. For optimal results, have your stylist use a razor for this part. This adds texture and dimension. Wash and air-dry and finish with a styling wax to enhance the layered pieces. The volume created by the short pieces on the top of your head will add height and beautiful volume. This helps balance a round face like Mandy Moore’s.
Messy Look: You can also go for a messier look like Agyness Deyn by simply shampooing, conditioning and apply mousse while hair is still wet. Then let air-dry. When dry, add a shine wax to the ends. And to get the messy look, grab hair at the crown and pull up after applying the wax. Spray lightly with a flexible hold hair spray like Aussie Opposites Attract Extra Strong + Touchable Feel Hairsprayicon

Pixie Cut: Rub a large blob of sculpting serum or mousse in your hands and work through your hair. Continue brushing through with a one-inch ceramic round brush pulling hair forward toward the face. Let hair air-dry. Or you can blow-dry hair forward and accentuate the pieces with styling wax.
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