Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Curly Hair Style and Picture

Long Curly Hair Style. This Long thick hair is what every woman wants. Long hair which is naturally curly can be styled in lots of different ways depending on the degree of curls your hair have. No all women and girls are lucky to have gorgeous looking long curly hair but the most important thing above all is how to style your long hair and look at your best.Wow wow, Lots of women go out for the day with added curls to their long hair. This requires minimal effort and just a little styling using a curling iron and maybe some hair styling products. This simple example of a long curly hairstyle is worn by Andrea Bowen and shows the simplicity of the look. Many long curly hairstyles like this one are popular choices for everyday wear and social gatherings as well. The hair is brushed smooth and ¾ of the hair is curled in larger sections and tousled. A section of the hair in front is styled slightly over the forehead. The hair is parted off-center but there are many ways to part the hair including a sleek mid-part or brushing straight back. This also changes how the entire hairstyle appears. have a fun a women with long curly hair style....


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