Sunday, October 31, 2010

Extreme Celebrity Hairstyles

extreme-celebrity-hairstyles-1Well, she didn’t pull a complete Britney Spears shave, just half. Singer Cassie debuted a peculiar new hairstyle where she had half her head shaved clean and kept her long hair on the other half.

The half-shaved head has been the signature look for model and socialite Alice Dellal. In fact, “The Alice Dellal” hairstyle recently inspired the look of the Fall 2009 RTW collection of Issa. However, the models did not shave their head; instead, an illusion of the style was achieved with hairspray and bobby pins.

Well, it’s not an illusion in the case of Cassie though, as she explained on her blog: “Yeah, I did it. They ask why?? LOL B/C I WOKE UP AND FELT LIKE IT!!!”

“Sometimes in life, you need a change,” pondered the 22-year-old singer. “Something that displays the ‘I don’t give a fג attitude that was always present, but never showcased. Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of. And something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR.”


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