Monday, October 4, 2010

Sporting an Emo Hairstyle

Nowadays various trendy hairstyles have emerged. And perhaps among the modern faddish hairstyles of all are those that qualify under the emo style category.

Many have not heard about the emo fashion or the emo look. But surely you have seen this fashion trend as it is very prevalent these days particularly among the teenage and young adult groups. The essence of emo fashion lies in the expression of one’s individuality and distinction. It aims to go against the norm thus it can be considered a sort of rebellious fashion.

Emo hairstyles share common features such as the presence of uneven cuts, shags, layers, and even spikes. Sporting an emo hairstyle though does not simply mean having a shaggy or a layered haircut. The main objective is to make your haircut as distinctly unique and expressive of your character and/or lifestyle.

Emo hairstyles can either be long, short, or medium short. And they can range from simple straight shags which can go very long either on the front or sides and short on the back; to spiky tops. Most emo hairstyles also feature color highlights such as red and bronze, and other amazing hair colors like lavender, pink, orange or purple.


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