Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emo Haircut Style

Emo is a genre that is still allied with hardcore punk. Emo stands for emotional well has now become a lifestyle, especially for those whose life is synonymous with sorrow, filled with anger, feeling abandoned, depressed and frustrated. No wonder the lyrics of the songs tend to be memorable wing emo gloomy, melancholy, meaning in, full of sadness and anger, telling stories about death and feeling suicidal. Besides music and lifestyle, emo also has its own characteristics which can be seen from fashion. So not only the kind of emo / emo genre but also a way to express feelings through the way someone dresses. Super-shrunken jeans, tight T-shirt logos pictorial famous band, straight black hair with bangs that covered one eye, piercing, sneakers (Converse) and accessories with striking color is the hallmark of this fashion.


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