Monday, October 4, 2010

Emo Girl Clothes

The emo lifestyle comes with emo fashion. This type of fashion is very popular among teenagers, though certain adults do dig some emo fashion from time to time. An emo girl dresses in such a way that she can express her individuality, thus personal style is always the center of emo clothes.

If you wish to dress the emo way, here are a few tips that you should follow. Although basically, the emo fashion statement is all about individualism and unique style, it helps to know the essential aspects of emo clothes. When choosing a top, remember that shirts have to be dark and should fit very tightly. These shirts should also have bands, ironic slogans or emo quotes, or retro faded prints on them.

You should also have the right emo bottom to go with your emo top. Tight jeans and pants are therefore very essential. Remember that the tighter the jeans you wear, the more emo girl you are. You can opt to wear straight-legged or skinny legged jeans in dark blue, black, white or gray. Dark skirts should be worn over light tights; and light skirts worn over dark tights.

Other essential emo girl clothes include old or rugged-looking outwear such as hoodies, sweaters, pea coats, and denim jackets. You can also wear very old track jackets. For sweaters, choose V-necked ones.
Emo girl clothes are quite easy to choose and wear. Just remember to keep your individual style so as to remain distinct from all other girls wearing the same fashion.


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