Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crime and Punishment in Emo

But why would a teenage writer even think up this lawless society? Perhaps because when trying to make a character seem sympathetic, having them be the victim of abuse at the hands of their parents is pretty much a guarantee to get the reader into their corner. Also, it seems to me that the emo movement is made up of mostly over-privileged white kids who want to be deep and brooding about the indignity they have suffered throughout their lives, but the worst thing that has ever happened to them has been when their parents made them take out the garbage.

Their tortured heroine provides them with an outlet for expressing their agonizing lament while reassuring themselves that their lament is well founded. Finally, it might simply be the product of the writer's own inexperience to create realistic situations and unwillingness to actually do some research.

If you have made it this far, please go ahead and congratulate yourself. You've managed to get through an entire blog on emo fiction literary criticism. I promise that my next blog will be more crime focused and won't contain any pictures of people with blue hair. And by promise, I mean half-heartedly attempt.


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