Saturday, November 27, 2010

Straighten Out Your Hair with Hair Iron

Straight Hair Tips - Winter 2008-2009

Within this article, we are going to tell you some tips on how to use the hair iron to straighten out your hair. Today, it seems that the hair iron is starting to emerge and become more popular than ever before. The hair iron is being used by women of ages. You should use the hair iron after you have cleaned your hair. It could be dangerous for you to use the hair iron before you clean your hair because of the grease and dirt that is in your hair could cause your hair to cook and be damaged.
This may seem like a no brainer, but we have heard stories of individuals doing this, you should never iron your hair with the iron you use to iron your clothes. If you do this, your hair is going to singe. You can cut the singed hair off, but we recommend you using a hair iron that is used for this purpose. You should first dry your hair for around fifteen minutes with a hair dryer, depending on the thickness of your hair, then continue with the drying process and use a comb at the same time. You should carefully comb your hair in order to get the curl out. Then in the end, no more than five minutes, you will use the hair iron at the ends of your hair. This is a safe way to straighten your hair and it will leave it shiny.
When you are blow drying your hair, we ask that you use cold air because hot air can damage the hair. Besides cold air is good for the hair and will leave it shinier and healthier looking. When blow drying your hair, you should always use a brush. Now you have it, your straight hair tips.


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