Friday, November 5, 2010

emo love story

I write once again about you, about me, about us.
About my life, life that is at the threshold of the abyss only waiting for my big wind and it fell into it.
Forgive me that working hours exceed the hours you work, I'm sorry that you first get home after arriving home.
You always wanted me to arrive home late afternoon, but in reality I got home after sunset far. Sorry I always come home late dear. I'm sorry, when I'm not willing to leave early. I need to finish all aktifitasku at work. I did all with a very forced, just to make a living, just for a proof that I was able to without them. Even with modest incomes, even with tired, though with a still sleepy when you arrive diruanganku menyelubung, I have to do it. Willing or unwilling.


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