Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cute Asian Emo Hair

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Cute Asian Emo Hair

As for hairstyle, whether long or short - one thing is for sure, razor straight, one sided bangs leads the way. Another emo hairstyle would be the type where you dye your hair to a richer, darker shade of color. Usual colors are black (brunette), deep red, deep auburn or even black with streaks of pink will do the trick. Of course, blondes also have a say in styling and giving a new meaning to the emo hairstyle but bear in mind that the more natural and more vivid it looks, the better. Anything far from that is not considered emo anymore.

There are a lot of popular variations of this style; it requires styling and sometimes a personalized touch to crown the look. Teenage girls prefer the shaggy hairstyle or as they call it, emo shag. It still carries the basic element of sporting the straight one sided bangs. For those who are not yet ready to give up their beloved locks, the layered look can be a good, smooth start. Now in order to add pizzazz to their new emo hairstyles, most gals spend a lot on hair products. This, in order for them to achieve their desired look for the day - one that could capture their mood for the day.


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