Friday, November 5, 2010

emo love story

Teruntuk far there lover, a lover who is on the ocean landscape, his sometime lover see me too.
Today I am tired, tired of thinking about argument and debate on the previous day. Today I just want quiet if you are still raised his voice.
I know you were tired. I know you just want me more than this. I also know you do not want to scream and yell. Therefore be quiet for a moment dear, time-consuming all our togetherness.
I'm only loyal to you one and I hope you are also alike. I only keep one name in mind and I hope you do the same. No need to worry with all the names that come before us together. Do not you involve other people who actually entered the house we have not arranged perfectly. Leave it there's only me and you, no not another party is not a problem? All I want is you, not your friend, not the ex, not them. This time I beg your understanding, ask that you understand why I refused mempublikasian I looked like, ask that you understand why I so do not want anyone to disturb us. Not because I was embarrassed, only they all did not matter to me, and I was not important to them. Maybe to you they are karibmu, but do they really think about our relationship? Thinking about our condition? No dear. They're just virtual friends who will vanish as fast as lightning. Dihianati sidekick I've ever own, I now always keep a distance with people that I really do not know. More sense and I appreciate the trust. Maybe you smiled at me when I say I'm jealous with one ex, but you realize you are more jealous of my friend! I know you do not recognize and realize you're proving all but overnight. You're like a burning fire when I shared with him. At that time I was not alone dear, I was also with him who also holds the status of brother and ex. Still do not believe the you to me? I've never been angry if you were talking with a friend or ex. You are too expressive when you're jealous. Menyangiku and I know you do not want my loss, but please do not remove the harsh words and parting if we're arguing. What if I really think the word is thrown off from your lips and do not want to be with you anymore? What if I get bored with our argument and end are always so candaanmu? Did not you who say if we're not kidding? Did not you who said the seriousness? So please delete the word 'break' from the dictionary of our relationship.


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