Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keyshia Cole - Blonde Hairstyle

A blonde haircut can work for all sorts of types of women. One notable woman who used this type of haircut in the past was Keyshia Cole. The pop singer’s blonde haircut featured a very unique design. What happened here was that the sides of the haircut were tapered off. This is so they would not flow down too low, thus allowing the hair to look its best without getting in the way of one’s face.
Keyshia Cole - Blonde Hairstyle

The long layers of hair on the back of the scalp would then be brushed forward. This would be done to help create a unique parting sense on the hair. A good part of the haircut would work to cover her right eye but not by too much to where it would impair her vision. The haircut is one that is of a rather short length. The lowest that the haircut would go to would be right along the eyes. Also, the blonde color that is used here is one that is light in its appearance. It is not too intense but rather simple. It is a type of blonde shade that is very easy for any woman to maintain and keep for a while.

Keyshia Cole - Blonde Haircut to See


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