Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keri Hilson - Funky Fringe Hairstyle

Singer Keri Hilson has worked with a variety of funky haircuts in the last few years. One of the neatest haircuts that she has sported is that of a fringe haircut. The fringe on the front is slightly exaggerated. It moves over the forehead without covering up the eyes. The exaggeration on the fringe can come from how it can extend an inch or so apart from the rest of the face. This is something that works to create a unique effect on the hair that can allow more people to easily notice it.
Keri Hilson - Funky Fringe Hairstyle

A substantial parting bang is also used in the central part of the forehead. This bang works to add attention to the eyes while creating a sexy look to the hair. The length of the hair is not too long. It is only going to be about one or two inches in length. This will make the hair easier to maintain and will require fewer materials to keep it looking right. The color of the hair can be of one’s choosing. Anyone who wants to get a haircut similar to that of Hilson’s haircut should consider a light brunette approach to the hair with some touches of gold.

Keri Hilson - Fringe Haircut


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