Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall 2010 Hairstyles & Haircuts

Stores are starting to put out all the back-to-school stuff, so you know it’s time for you to start thinking about your look for the fall. Start school off with a fresh color and cut that suits your personality.
Summer blonde can last through all seasons, especially if you maintain it well. The right shampoo, conditioner and styling/finishing products can make all the difference. Use products that hydrate and protect from sun damage as well as styling and finishing products that will protect your hair from hot tools. Try to leave a day between washing if your hair is all-over color processed or heavily highlighted to give your natural oils time to permeate and protect your hair. Fall styles are less curly, but not stick straight. Take advantage of the more natural textures that are “in” which allows you to lay off the curling iron or flat iron for a while. If hair has gotten a little bleached out, tone it down a little with warmer blondes for the fall season.
2010 Fall Blonde Hair Style
For a fun alternative to the long straight style, get a shaggy shoulder length bob that you can loosely curl to dress it up. The fully inverted bob is out and instead we have longer, softer layers that give the hair body while still looking sweet and feminine. Keep the part on the side for the girl-next-door feel or part it down the middle for a more dramatic effect.
medium shoulder length bob for fall 2010
This cut looks great with richer colors, too. Spicy reds and darker browns are all flattering with this shoulder-dusting style that frames the face. Keep bangs longer to sweep across the forehead for the more romantic feel or have them blunt cut for an edgier style. To get the softness, add volumizing mousse then use a medium or large round brush when hair is mostly dry and blow it out.
red & browns shoulder-length hair style
Retro styles are coming back, too, so don’t be afraid of a more uniformly layered cut with lots of body. Keep curls less perfect by adding a texturizing product or combing through the curls with your fingers. They shouldn’t be quite as beachy as the summer curls, but you don’t want perfect spirals, either. Separating the curls with your fingers or twisting them around a bit helps take that perfect edge off. You can also flip your head upside down and spray with hairspray to add some volume. A medium hold hairspray should be all you need to keep this style in place while still allowing for movement.
Fall retro hairstyle with curls
Want to be stylin’ like Jersey Shore’s “Snooki?” Nicole Polizzi got a makeover and the new style is much softer and more flattering than the old one. The bump is toned down and the color is a fabulous rich brown that looks healthy. Her hair is smooth and straight but not severe at all. No bangs, but long layers keep the style from being over-the-top harsh. Use a leave-in conditioner and a light hold hairspray to keep hair looking soft and touchable and keep those fly away hairs in place.
Fall trends are all about color and unique styles, so don’t be afraid to express yourself through one or the other.
Snooki from Jersey Shore hairstyle


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