Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jessica Simpson Features Some Great Style

Jessica Simpson Features Some Great Style

There are all sorts of notable parts of Jessica Simpson’s fashion to take a look at. She goes around with not only some impressive looks but also some quality accessories.

Celebrity Hairstyle: Jessica Simpson Looking Hot

The actress and pop star is often seen with handbags of all sorts. She has been found with bags from Derek Lam in recent times. Derek Lam handbags are popular for their fashionable leather patterns and their golden accents.

Celebrity Hairstyle: Jessica Simpson Long Blonde

Just about every photo of Simpson these days features her with a pair of sunglasses. Simpson has been wearing predominantly dark sunglasses including aviator sunglasses from Marc Jacobs.

Celebrity Hairstyle: Beautiful Jessica Simpson

The pants that Simpson wears are often short in length. This is used to allow her legs to be accentuated and to become more visible to other people.

Also, clogs have been her shoes of choice. Simpson often wears platform clogs that are used to add a few inches to her height. Some of the clogs that are featured are top quality Miu Miu clogs.

Celebrity Hairstyle: Celebrity Style

Many of these style features go along very well with the long blonde hair that Simpson sports. Her hair, which is often parted in the middle of the scalp, is evenly measured on both ends for an impressive look.


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