Monday, August 2, 2010

Magnificent Medium Length Hair Styles

Magnificent Medium Length Hair Styles

If you have longer hair you may consider getting a haircut to a more moderate medium length. This would be at the shoulders or slightly shorter. Medium length hair gives you many choices of hair styles that will certainly change your appearance with each style change.
Medium Hair

Medium length hair can have a dramatic look. Part the hair on one side and sweep it back at the other side into a roll of luscious curls. Or part it down the middle and then curl the ends so they flit up flirtingly. Medium length hair can be curled under at the ends so you have a sleek bob look. Short hair can be layered so it has a shingled look. Some of the layers could be colored so when it moves it shimmers with all different layers of light.
Lovely Medium Hairdo

With medium length hair you can also have bangs. You can roll the bangs under at the forehead for a retro hair style look. Letting them fall to one side then using a lovely small jeweled hair clip will make your hair style look alive as the rhinestones catch the light. You can use an Alice band at the forehead and have a much more severe look. You can use a styling gel and get a lot of lift at the top for interest. Since a medium length hair cut is not too drastic, it is easier to accept the change. Once you make this change, you will enjoy having shorter hair.


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