Thursday, December 2, 2010

Short and Long Straight Hairstyle Trends

Straight Hairstyle Trends for Girls

Girls with straight hair usually find that they are blessed with several great hairstyles to choose from. Fortunately for girls with wavy or curly hair, the advent of modern hair science and technology has made getting a natural looking straight hairstyle possible and easy.
Gone were the days when straight hair was considered dull and ordinary while waves and curls were found sexy and appealing. Nowadays, many girls opt to keep their straight tresses and those with curly hair even have their curls and waves straightened.
There are several straight hairstyles for girls that look very attractive especially when you know what cut complements your facial features perfectly, how to wear it, as well as what shade is best for your coloring.

Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Straight Hair
Among the most popular straight hairstyles for girls include the following:

• The classic one-length all around which can either be long or medium short.
• The layered hairstyles which feature layers with varying length. These layers serve to add more volume and character to your hair.
• The emo straight hairstyles which are characterized by shags, layers or spikes. Hair is usually razor cut for that shaggy look. Emo straight hairstyles can vary in length too, from very short to long hairstyles.

Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Straight Hair
Many girls prefer to wear straight hairstyles because of the easy manageability and versatility provided by these hairstyles.

Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Straight Hair


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