Thursday, December 23, 2010

African American Hairstyles 2010

African American hair styles can be gorgeous, but black hair also has challenges that need to be considered to keep it healthy, strong, and beautiful. Coarse hair textures require regular conditioning and plenty of moisture to stay healthy, and care must be taken with elaborate hair styles to ensure they do not stress the hair.Here are some Short Hairstyles for African Americans.

It is almost an incontestable fact that African Americans are among the most artistically inclined societies in the world; and it is therefore no wonder that their there is such a great variety of African American hairstyles - seeing that a ‘hairstyle’ is first and foremost a work of art. Another possible explanation as to why there are so many African-American hairstyles.

has to be the fact that there are so many ‘sub-cultures’ within the African American society, with almost each of these sub-cultures having a unique hairstyle for identification purposes among its members, and typically with each sub-cultures hairstyle being one of the features that add up to the member’s ‘sense of belonging’ in the group.


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